Awakening in Relationships – Århus

Jeg er så heldig, at jeg kan tilbyde et event sammen med min mentor gennem mange år Bodhi Jeffreys og min skønne veninde Helle Laursen i Århus til maj. 1½ dag i vores selskab og et opfølgende webinar. Læs mere herunder og læs mere om Bodhi på

For couples, parents and children, therapists and coaches, and all Vikings

A photo of Bodhi Jeffreys.

Photos of Lisbet Hjort and Helle Laursen
Every relationship creates an opportunity for living from the true essence of love, ever alive within us. And while every relationship has its challenges, every challenge is an invitation for healing, love, peace, joy and harmony to expand and deepen in our lives.

We’ve all experienced great pain in relationships, but what do we do with that pain? How do we react or respond to it? And how do our attitudes and behaviors affect our relationships with ourselves and others?

With a focus on being practical and down to earth, this program will explore ways in which we can better respond to everything from the smallest of disagreements to the heaviest of painful experiences. We will look at how we get hooked and reactive, and how we can set ourselves free to fully allow and embrace the whole of our lives — the shadow, the light, the pain and the joy.

Join Bodhi, Lisbet and Helle in a safe and warm setting to:

  • Free yourself of behaviors and patterns that block intimacy
  • Shift from self-protection to feeling warm, deep connection
  • Learn new ways to authentically communicate heart to heart
  • Experience more love, compassion and harmony in your life

Treating our relationships as sacred is natural as we awaken, and when we treat ourselves and those around us in a sacred way, our connection becomes much closer. Over the course of the program, Bodhi, Lisbet and Helle will explore the dynamics of relationships and share how every aspect of being in relationships provides a direct path to awakening and love being radiantly alive within us.

Oh, and no one is going to do this perfectly, so come prepared to be gentle with yourself and others.

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Program Schedule

  • Session 1:  Friday, 19 May 2017
    7:00pm to 9:30pm  —  Århus
  • Session 2:  Saturday, 20 May 2017
    10:00am to 5:00pm  —  Århus
  • Session 3:  Thursday, 22 June
    7:00pm to 8:30pm  —  Webinar

About Bodhi, Helle & Lisbet

A photo of Helle, Bodhi and Lisbet in Denmark

Bodhi Jeffreys is a consciousness teacher who provides awakening coaching, conscious business mentoring, sacred living events, and writes & records songs for the Music of Awakening Project. Read more about Bodhi – his Work, his music and events on

Helle Laursen’s main expertise is teaching resilience training, with a focus on enhancing people’s ability to navigate through difficult times. In addition to having a private practice, she teaches Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) as developed by Chris Germer, Ph.D. and Kristin Neff, Ph.D., and holds the position of MSC Country Coordinator in Denmark. With many years experience of improving psycho-social working environment in industries with large emotional demands, she now offers online courses on the practical use of compassion and kindness to enhance resilience in everyday life. See her web for her e-book, online courses, as well as workshops in Mindful Self-Compassion and resilience training for industries with large emotional demands.

Lisbet Hjort is a consciousness process facilitator and mentor for organizations, leaders and individuals – helping people function more consciously in their home and work lives. Her book, Kærligt Talt (Lovingly Spoken) has helped many to create positive changes in their lives, and her 16 years working in Human Resources has been devoted to helping people feel more empowered and connected.

When you meet Helle and Lisbet, you will immediately sense their warm, wise, compassionate presence.

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